Dmitry Yakhvarov

Professor, Dr., group Leader


Bekmukhamedov Giyjaz

PhD in Chemistry

Speciality - Homogeneous and Heterogeneous catalysis

Olga Fomina

PhD in Chemistry

Research area: Study of nickel complexes with 2,2′-bipyridine in the presence of ortho-phosphinophenol derivatives

Aleksandr Sukhov

PhD in Chemistry

Speciality - Electrochemistry

Elena Gorbachuk

PhD in Chemistry

Research area: Electrochemical reactions of white phosphorus and chemistry of phosphine oxide H3PO

Aliya Khusnuriyalova

PhD student

The dissertation work is devoted to the electrochemical generation of cobalt and nickel nanoparticles.

Zufar Gafurov

PhD student

The dissertation work is devoted to the pincer complexes of transition metals with unsymmetrical phosphorus- and nitrogen-containing ligands: synthesis and application in homogeneous catalysis.

Il’yas Sakhapov

PhD in Chemistry

Research area: Electrochemical synthesis and properties of organonickel sigma-complexes

Ruslan Lukin

​PhD student

Kuchkaev Aydar

PhD student

Kuchkaev Airat

PhD student

Kagilev Alexey


Nesterova Alina

PhD student

Kantyukov Artem


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